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Sacred Sexual Self Care

This self-paced online course is for those wanting to establish their own sacred sexual self-care practice and to upgrade their pleasure and power.

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About Sacred Sexual Self Care

You're a spiritual person who eats well, takes care of yourself and loves to know the newest self-care rituals. You know that your sexual essence is a deep and sacred part of who you are but you're not sure how to go about making this a part of your life. Sacred Sexual Self Care is a self-study online course which teaches women (and people who identified as a woman) like you how to integrate a deep, ritualistic, sacred self-pleasure practice into your life. In Sacred Sexual Self Care you'll learn how to begin inhabiting your feminine power centre – your womb and yoni; how to drop deep into a state where you can begin to cultivate your sexual energy; and techniques for therapeutic yoni massage, de-armouring and exploration of healing internal orgasms. This course is trauma-informed, gentle and powerful. It contains everything you need to support you on this journey into your authentic sexual essence.

Sacred Sexual Self Care

Sacred Sexual Self Care

3 Chapters • 10 Videos • 6 Audios



The Womb Space

Coming Home To Your Sacred Womb

Getting to Know Your Pelvic Bowl

Womb Clearing Meditation

The Womb Honey Audio Meditation

The Feminine Sexuality Quiz

Pathways to Pleasure

Yoga Nidra

Pleasure Pulse Meditation

Breast Massage Practice

Breathwork Journey

Self-Pleasure Priestess

Yoni Reflexology

Therapeutic Yoni Massage

Yoni De-armouring Practice

Healing Orgasm

Choosing a Pussy Wand

Introducing the Jade Egg

Miriam Ropschitz, creator of Sacred Sexual Self Care

Miriam is a writer, women's work leader; a menstrual and sexual wisdom guide. She was born in Somerset, England in the late 80s and spent the last decade studying, practising (and 7 years teaching) feminine reclamation and embodied spiritual practices. Leaving her life in the UK as journalist in my early-20s, to spend 7 years living between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India. These years were dedicated to studying tantric practices, in ceremony with plant teachers and on silent retreat. Later, she began sharing what she's learned in retreats, festivals and workshops around the world.

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