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Genitals Worship

Welcome to 'Lingam and Yoni Worship,' an immersive online course inviting individuals of all gender identities to embark on a journey of profound sensuality, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

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Kiki Maree


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About Genitals Worship

Discover a safe and sacred space to honor and cherish the divine essence of lingam and yoni, whether your own or your lover's. Gain a deeper understanding of these sacred aspects, learn consensual exploration, and awaken your energy for pleasure and healing. Engage in rituals and exercises to deepen intimacy, transforming your connection and embracing your pleasure. Immerse yourself to appreciate the divine essence of lingam and yoni, experience their healing power, and connect sensually and spiritually. Join us for this transformative journey.

Kiki Maree

Based in Australia, Kiki Maree is a renowned Yoni Massage practitioner, trainer, Sexologist, and Sex Coach trainer, celebrated for her gentle, informative, and inclusive approach to gender-inclusive sex education. Kiki provides a range of services including certified trainings, group and one-on-one coaching sessions, online courses, and a lively, educational podcast alongside Tanishka Tantrika. From a tender age, Kiki has been fervently dedicated to women's wisdom teachings and exploring female sexuality, initiating yoni viewings with classmates at 7 and girls circles at 12. Her core mission revolves around empowering women in embracing their sexuality, fostering a profound understanding of their bodies, and demystifying the female sexual arousal response.

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External and Internal Anatomy

Let's explore with Kiki the anatomy of the female genitalia.

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Fingering 101

Note: This is a video from the expert's ethical porn site, detailing the basics of fingering.

Key learnings

1. Embrace sacred sensuality and spiritual growth

2. Understand lingam and yoni's significance and anatomy

3. Learn consensual exploration techniques

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Yoni Worship

Sexual Language
External and Internal Anatomy
Cervical Exploration
Yoni Expressions

Lingam Worship

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Kiki Maree

Genitals Worship

Welcome to 'Lingam and Yoni Worship,' an immersive online course inviting individuals of all gender identities to embark on a journey of profound sensuality, self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

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