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Enhance your connection and pleasure with intimate massage. Discover 80+ touch techniques, essential anatomy, effective communication, and relaxation skills through expertly guided video tutorials.

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About Intimate Massages

Elevate your intimacy with our in-depth sensual massage course, complete with explicit video tutorials and guided practice sessions. Explore a rich repertoire of over 80 touch techniques, gain essential anatomical insights, hone your communication skills, and master the art of relaxation. This comprehensive course empowers you to confidently pleasure both male and female genitals, fostering a heightened level of connection and satisfaction in your sexual encounters. Embark on a transformative journey that will not only enrich your sensual repertoire but also deepen the intimacy you share with your partner.

Libby Sheppard

Libby Sheppard is a highly regarded Intimacy Coach based in the UK, specializing in sensual touch and holistic transformation, guiding individuals to deeper sensations, relaxation, and joy.

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Foundations of embodied touch

In this episode, you'll explore the core principles and techniques that form the basis of sensual and conscious touch. Get ready to enhance your understanding of how to connect with your partner on a deeper, more profound level.

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The vulva

Dive into the art of sensual pleasure with our "Vulva Massage" episode. Join us for explicit video instruction and explore the intricacies of this intimate practice. Discover new ways to connect, tantalize, and please your partner like never before.

Key learnings

1. Master over 80 touch techniques

2. Gain in-depth knowledge of essential anatomy

3. Develop effective communication and relaxation skills

4. Unleash newfound satisfaction and confidence

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Hello & Welcome
Why and how
The basics of good touch
Mindful self-pleasure practice

Welcome to this guided breath meditation with me, Libby Sheppard at Touch of Happiness. So make sure you're either sitting in a comfortable position or you can be lying down on your back. You can even do this meditation if you're sitting or standing on the train, if you're on your way to work, if you're out walking or perhaps even taking a bath, us. But for now, we'll take a comfortable seated or lying position, letting your eyes gently close, or if you prefer to keep them open, just soften your gaze so you're not focusing on anything in particular. Beginning just to notice your body here, noticing the parts that are in contact with the surface you're sitting or lying on, noticing the weight of your limbs, noticing any sensations on your skin and sensations deeper in your body. And then drawing the awareness to the breath, noticing the rise and fall of your chest, the movement of your body as you inhale and as you exhale. Our intention with this meditation is just to draw awareness to the breath, but also to deepen and slow the breath so you're breathing more fully in your body. I'll invite you to let your inhale move through your nose and your exhale through your mouth. If you can just allow a little softness in your jaw, little bit of relaxation through the jawline. Allow your exhale to be a little bit longer than your inhale. There's no fixed tempo, you need to move at no pattern or count for the breath, just allowing that exhale to extend and be longer than the inhale. So feeling your breath flow down into your body like water being poured into a glass, and the breath flowing down through the throat, down into the lungs, each breath moving a little deeper and deeper into your body, down through the base of your ribs and breathing right down into your belly. With the exhale, you can let go of any tension or tightness that you notice in your body. The exhale allowing your body to unwind, untighten, uncoil. If there's any sound or noise that wants to move from your body, just allow that to flow with the breath out. A gentle sigh or vibration in the chest, the throat letting the inhale drop right down into the base of your spine, down into your genitals. So the inhale fills the bowl of your pelvis flowing down through your body. Just take a couple of breaths here with that inhale expanding your entire body, the exhale letting go of tension and tightness. And so now we'll move the attention and begin to allow the inhale to move in through the genitals. So as you inhale, let your attention travel slowly up from your genitals to your heart, as if you're breathing in through a straw that runs up through your spine and the centre of your body. Breathing up from your sex, drawing up heat and energy from the base of your body as you exhale. Let the attention flow from your heart up to the crown of your head, so you allow the exhale just to overflow from that point just above the crown of your head. So we'll take a few breaths in this way inhaling and lifting up from the sex to the heart. Exhaling and letting go from the heart to the crown of the head. And just noticing any thoughts that come and go from your mind, always gently drawing the awareness back to the breath, cheque in with your body. Notice anywhere that you're holding tension or tightness and letting those areas relax and release with each exhale. Noticing any movements, vibrations, any sensations in your body, allowing the inhale to expand those sensations through your body and letting the breath flow continuously. No pause at the top, no pause at the bottom. You might notice some softening in your body, a softening in your belly, chest, a sense of opening in your pelvis and your genitals. You might notice some areas of quietness or numbness, whatever is moving or present in your body, just giving space for it to be felt, nothing to do, nothing to control, just allowing the breath to flow. So we'll begin to gently close this meditation, allowing your breath to move now from the tip of your nose to the crown of your head with the inhale, letting the exhale drop down through your body and out through your sex. That same long, deep exhale flowing down through your body, just drawing your breath and your energy back down into the bowl of your pelvis, down into the base of your spine. And to bring us back into a balanced space, just gently letting your breath and awareness drop all the way down through your thighs, down through your legs and dropping your awareness right down into the soles of your feet. If you're sitting, just feeling the connection through the feet, down into the ground, if you're lying on your back, maybe just drawing your knees up and connecting your feet with the floor, if your eyes are closed, you can gently allow them to open. If your eyes have been open through the meditation, just gently drawing them back to a point of focus. You might like to take a couple of moments after this meditation is finished, just to move your body very gently and slowly. I'd encourage you not to rush or dash off to do anything too quickly. Just give yourself a little space, little time to notice how your body feels. As I said at the beginning of the recording, you can do this practise whilst walking, whilst standing on the escalators, at the tube station, whilst doing the washing up or as part of your mindful masturbation routine. Whenever there is an opportunity to gently connect with your body, draw your awareness to your breath, let the thought slow little and connect with this sense of the breath moving up from the sex, up from the base of the body, allowing sensation, energy and awareness to spread throughout your entire body.

Vulva massage techniques (explicit)

Penis massage techniques (explicit)

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