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The educational series dedicated to female pleasure


A revolution is underway

Talking about female pleasure is not always easy.
There's just so much to be said...
These women wanted to tell us their stories
They shared with us, without holding back, their experiences and the methods they use to make themselves orgasm.

You thought you knew everything about pleasure…

Discover what both the latest scientific research, and the collective experience of thousands of women, reveal about female pleasure.

You might be surprised

Over 32 episodes, CLIMAX will show you techniques which have been tried, tested and approved by real women, teaching you the essential methods for both receiving and giving more pleasure.

We are lifting the veil on female sexual pleasure

We wanted to make something real, and visual
Which is why we have chosen a direct approach.
You will be shown 17 techniques, guided by a woman facing the camera. No filters, no taboos.

Because we don’t want to hide anything from you

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to practice and use these techniques on yourself, or on your partner, all in the name of greater pleasure!

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