Lisa de Jong, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, embarked on her journey to find relief from her own challenging menstrual cycle, leading her to specialize in menstrual cycle challenges, chronic pain, trauma, and burnout. She is a Menstruality Coach or “Period Coach".

Recognized by media outlets such as the Irish Independent, Dublin MindBody Experience, Stellar, The Gloss, Irish Times, and Irish Examiner.

Trained with and is a mentor of Red School in the UK.

Offers coaching, workshops, and talks in various settings, including workplaces, schools, universities, and sports clubs.

Hack Your Cycle Health & Endometriosis

5h 15m

5h 15m

Lisa de Jong

Menstrual cycle wellness

An online course to create self-care, ease menstrual pain and cultivate mental and emotional well-being.


1h 18m

1h 18m

Lisa de Jong

Live with Endometriosis

A mini e-course to support you in your journey of self-care and manage the challenges of endometriosis.



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