Bonnie Bliss

Yoni Massage Fundamentals

This program is designed to teach you exactly how to offer a partner a whole-body sensual massage and a yoni massage, with instructional videos to demonstrate the techniques.

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Bonnie Bliss




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About Yoni Massage Fundamentals

Our meticulously crafted program offers comprehensive guidance on delivering a full-body sensual massage experience, including a yoni massage. With a range of instructional videos, you'll learn various yoni massage techniques, from specialized vulva cushion demonstrations to real human model examples. Dive into informative videos that explore internal anatomy intricacies, highlight the benefits of yoni massage, and provide essential considerations for creating an extraordinary and satisfying experience for your partner.

Bonnie Bliss

Bonnie Bliss stands out as a distinguished Somatic Sexologist and Intimacy Educator in Australia, earning recognition as one of the top 10 Australian female 'Change Makers' in the wellness field by Body+Soul Magazine. With a profound dedication to women's pelvic wellness and embodiment teaching, Bonnie has devoted the past decade to guiding thousands of women globally through a journey of self-discovery within their own bodies. Her innovative and compassionate approach empowers women to unlock their full potential, fostering a deep sense of connection and intimacy with themselves. Bonnie Bliss is not just a coach; she is a catalyst for transformative wellness and intimate education.

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Benefits and theory

This program is your gateway to mastering the art of sensual massage, covering both full-body treatments and the intimate practice of yoni massage.

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Sensual Massage Demonstration

Bonnie offers a sensual massage demonstration.

Key learnings

1. Master the art of delivering a sensual massage

2. Acquire proficiency in various yoni massage techniques

3. Gain a deep understanding of internal female anatomy

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Yoni Massage Fundamentals

This program is designed to teach you exactly how to offer a partner a whole-body sensual massage and a yoni massage, with instructional videos to demonstrate the techniques.

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