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External pleasure

Learn 22 techniques for achieving external pleasure, zoomed on two real vulvas without filters. 75 min of video.


Reclaim your pleasure

With "Reclaim your pleasure", you will release patterns of numbness & disconnection and start living a more connected, resilient, pleasure-fuelled life. Use this powerful holistic method to feel delicious aliveness in your whole body.


Relationship & Intimacy

Enjoy 12 lessons to follow along with your partner from the safety and comfort of your own home. This course will help you to deepen your appreciation of each other and show it in a way that your partner really gets.


The art of Shibari

Shibari Mastery is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for anyone interested in exploring the art of Shibari and developing their skills as a rope artist.


Menstrual cycle wellness

An online course to create self-care around the menstrual cycle to ease any physical suffering and cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.


Endometriosis: a self-care journey

A mini e-course to support you in your journey of self-care and endometriosis. Anyone who has or might have endometriosis knows well how difficult this condition can be. Join us in a journey of support, nourishment, education and empowerment.


Internal pleasure

Learn how to give and receive more pleasure through internal stimulation. Includes 47 internal techniques, plus 2D animations seen "from the inside." 74min of video.


G spot bliss

In this online course you’ll dive into the inner world of your vagina and learn everything you need to know to open up into G-spot and squirting orgasms.


Sacred Sex

The course is a mix of theory videos and follow along exercises and rituals. The theory videos are there to orient your mind and shift your inner attitude towards sex. The exercises are practices to learn to circulate sexual energy in your being.


Self sourced

This practice bundle is here as a companion on your journey of embodied liberation. A compilation of 8 key feminine embodiment practices that have made the biggest impact on my journey of reclaiming my sexuality & feminine radiance.


Chocking for pleasure

Choking has become ubiquitous with any level of kinky or rough sex. No matter what type you engage in or how light you think it is, there are risks. There are always risks.



This series answers the call to a lack of educational yet erotic resources on how to peg that is more than just "lube up and go slow..."



Looking for an excuse to get sweaty with your partner? You don't have to be dom, sub, kinky, or experienced for this beginner level class.


Mastering squirting

Squirting is one of the most searched terms on porn websites. Something bodies have done for centuries yet it has never been fully explained.


Tantra exercices

Discover tantra to prepare your body for pleasure. Learn how to reconnect and be more in tune with your body. Listen to our 6 audio guides (tantra & meditation, solo & duo) to deepen your sex life.


« Informative, safe, creative, (NSFW) material on pleasure! »

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Our contents have been carefully selected and curated, featuring the world's best experts and educators in their respective fields.

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