Elisa Caro

Liberated Woman

Unleash a transformative journey with this course. Discover the secrets to elevating your sex life, achieving mind-blowing orgasms, and cultivating deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

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Elisa Caro




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About Liberated Woman

Revolutionize your sex life with The Sexually Liberated Woman! Whether you're solo or partnered up, this course draws on ancient Tantric philosophy and the latest science to transform your relationship with sex. Beyond mechanics, unlock the secrets to full-body orgasms and a more connected, empowered life. Don't settle for superficial approaches—experience profound pleasure that transcends the ordinary. Join now to unleash your sexual self and embrace a life of radiant, empowered bliss!

Elisa Caro

Elisa is a Tantric, sacred sexual shamanic, and mindful sexuality practitioner. Hailing from Italy, she has a passion for salsa dancing and indulging in the delights of chocolate.

Her journey into Tantra has been transformative, guiding her to embrace every facet of herself—both light and dark. Through this practice, she has discovered the art of self-love, accepting her entire being with unconditional love.

Elisa has not only learned to unlock her orgasmic potential but has also cultivated body confidence, appreciating and cherishing her body in its entirety. Liberated from the shackles of shame and guilt surrounding sexuality, she now experiences a profound sense of aliveness.

The exploration of her eros has revealed its vast potential, leading Elisa to navigate life with honesty, transparency, and a sense of sacredness. Through natural Tantric methods, she has achieved healing, steering clear of surgical interventions.

Rooted in self-exploration, yoga, and deep spiritual practices since her upbringing, Elisa wholeheartedly devoted herself to Tantra in 2014, marking a significant chapter in her spiritual journey.

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Getting The Most out Of The Course

This course is designed to support you feel more liberated and empowered. By the end, you will feel more connected to your body, understand your sexuality, your anatomy and feel more pleasure.

The 5 Tantric Bodies

How the 5 tantric bodies will help you connect even more deeply during sex with yourself and your lover(s).

Self-yoni Massage - Practice

Step-by-step tutorial in how to give yourself a yoni massage to increase sexual pleasure and sexual confidence.

Key learnings

1. Be more connected during sex

2. Heal any shame, blockages or guilt that holds you back

3. Unlock full body orgasms

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Getting The Most out Of The Course

Tantric Secrets


Learn the top 3 tantric secrets to support you heal sexual shame, feel more pleasure and unlock whole body orgasms.

Self-Love Mastery

Be Unashamedly You

Pleasure School

Expand Pleasure Beyond measure

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Elisa Caro

Liberated Woman

Unleash a transformative journey with this course. Discover the secrets to elevating your sex life, achieving mind-blowing orgasms, and cultivating deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.

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