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Squirt School

"Squirt School" is empowering online course designed to support you in the art of G spot orgasm and female ejaculation. Join us and learn how to squirt during self pleasure and how to let go and squirt with your partner!

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About Squirt School

This course is for you if:
-You struggle with fully surrendering to experience squirting and desire a stronger connection with both yourself and your partner.
-You are entirely new to the techniques involved and seek step-by-step guidance on how to achieve squirting.
-You are eager to confront and overcome any sexual inhibitions, unlocking a sense of unabashed freedom and empowerment.
-You are excited to embark on a novel journey with your partner, exploring the intricacies of female ejaculation and the intimacy it can foster.

Squirt School

Squirt School

4 Chapters • 19 Videos • 3 Audios


The G-Zone

Welcome to Squirt School!

History & Anatomy Lesson

What Is It & How Does It Feel?

Preparation for Squirting

5 Common Blocks to Squirting

Creating Emotional Safety and Healthy Boundaries

Preparation Tools for Squirting

Yoni Healing Meditation #1

Yoni Healing Meditation #2

Yoni Healing Meditation #3

Puss Ups Yoni Egg Practice

Receiving a Yoni Massage From Your Partner

Self Pleasure Technique

Sensual Embodiment

Sensual Embodiment #1

Sensual Embodiment #2

Sensual Embodiment #3

Step-by-Step Sensual Masturbation Technique

The Best Toys For Squirting

Squirting during Self Pleasure

Partner Technique

Couples Emotional Intimacy

4 Tips To Surrender to Squirting

Step-by-Step Process with Partner

Yoni Check-In meditation

Demo: G-Zone Orgasm

Rosie Rees, creator of Squirt School

Rosie Rees is the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace and creator of Women’s Nude Yoga ‘Naked Awakening’. As a leading Sex & Relationship Coach, Rosie loves to inspire women and couples to tap into their sensuality and erotic power. Rosie lives in Perth Western Australia and loves speaking at exhibitions and conventions around the world about the power of connecting to your Yoni. Rosie created the viral stories & hashtag #sensualeating and is a loud and proud LGBTQ+ advocate.

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