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Reclaim your pleasure

With "Reclaim your pleasure", you will release patterns of numbness & disconnection and start living a more connected, resilient, pleasure-fuelled life. Use this powerful holistic method to feel delicious aliveness in your whole body.

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About Reclaim your pleasure

You'd love to feel better in your body, but you're not sure where to start. Life is so full.

Life has been pretty damn stressful lately. You've spent way too much time on screens, so you're not exactly feeling connected to your body.

If it's time to let go of numbness and feel deliciously alive & confident in yourself...

Reclaim Your Pleasure is for you.

Whether you're...
-Finding it hard to create time for self care practices
-Feeling numb, flat & disconnected from your sensuality
-Wishing you felt more pleasure & less self-judgement
-​Ready to get out of your head and into your body
-​Just wanting to actually connect with yourself.

Reclaim your pleasure

Reclaim your pleasure

5 Chapters • 13 Videos • 14 Audios




What you need to know

Set your intentions

Pleasure essentials

Landing in the body

Introduction to holistic pleasure

Awakening all the senses

Feasting your eyes

Seeking sensual softness

Expanding your sense of smell

What's blocking your pleasure?

Enlivening Movement

Movement for expanding pleasure

Pleasurable movement

Lying down

Heart connection

Heart connection practice

What are your pleasure accelerators?

Self intimacy

The power of self touch

Self touch

Sensitising through touch

Self intimacy

Self intimacy practice

Self embrace

Pelvic embodiment

Amazing pelvis

Pelvic awareness

Pelvic Juju

Butt jiggling

Sacrum exploration

Bonnie Bliss, creator of Reclaim your pleasure

Somatic sexologist & intimacy educator.

Named by Body+Soul Magazine as one of 10 Australian female ‘Change makers – changing the game in the wellness field’, Bonnie Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, embodiment teacher and women’s pelvic wellness coach. She has spent the last decade supporting thousands of women all over the world to discover the incredible world within their bodies.

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