Reclaim your pleasure

With "Reclaim your pleasure", you will release patterns of numbness & disconnection and start living a more connected, resilient, pleasure-fuelled life. Use this powerful holistic method to feel delicious aliveness in your whole body.

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About Reclaim your pleasure

"Reclaim your pleasure" is your path to breaking free from stress and disconnection. In a world where screens dominate our attention and self-care often takes a back seat, this course offers you a lifeline to reconnect with your body, sensuality, and inner confidence. Bid farewell to apathy and self-judgment, and say hello to a vibrant existence filled with pleasure. It's time to break free from the constraints of your mind and fully embrace the joy of being present in your body.

Bonnie Bliss

Bonnie Bliss is a distinguished Somatic Sexologist and Intimacy Educator, guiding women globally through transformative wellness and intimate education.

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Introduction to holistic pleasure

In this enlightening episode, we embark on a journey of holistic pleasure. Holistic pleasure goes beyond the physical realm, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. Join us as we explore the art of achieving fulfillment in all aspects of life.

What's blocking your pleasure?

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating concept of the Dual Control Model of sexual response. This model, developed by Janssen and Bancroft, sheds light on the intricate interplay of sexual excitation and sexual inhibition within our minds and bodies.

Key learnings

1. Escape apathy and stress

2. Self care practices

3. Cultivate sensuality and confidence

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Through this training, you'll learn how to release patterns of numbness and disconnection, feel confident in your body and expand your pleasure potential. In this welcome section, there are 2 short videos (about 30 minutes total) that will introduce you to how the course works. You'll get some valuable tools for supporting yourself through the course, and find out how to get the most out of this experience.

What you need to know

When we start to explore this work, we might notice different patterns arising. We might hold stories that we don't deserve pleasure, or that this work work for us, or that there's no point bothering. These beliefs can get in the way and impact our capacity to show up and prioritise pleasure! In this video, I'll tell you what to watch out for, and share some holistic pleasure fundamentals with you. These are the approaches that have massively helped me expand my pleasure potential and find new pathways to pleasure.

Set your intentions

In this short audio practise, you'll be connecting with your intentions for joining this course. So I invite you to begin by sitting in a comfortable seated position with your spine relatively straight but relaxed. And as you arrive in position, just noticing your body, feeling where you're in contact with the ground or the chair beneath you, feeling what's there right now in terms of sensations or emotions. Putting your hands on your body anywhere at all. Maybe your chest or your belly or just anywhere that feels comfortable right now, letting your breath be however it is, without trying to change it in any way, and just feeling why you decided to do this course, why you're here, why you want to reclaim your pleasure? What do you want to welcome into your world through doing this training, through exploring your pleasure? And if you could distil your intentions for this course, if you feel into your longings with pleasure and with your relationship with your body and what your intentions are for diving into this work and deepening your relationship with pleasure. See if you can distil those intentions into three powerful words. What are you welcoming in to your world through this exploration with pleasure? What are you inviting in? Really letting yourself feel that desire, that longing in your body, feeling an openness to receive that experience, to receive those intentions. Seeing if there's some kind of little movement that would support you right now. Maybe some kind of opening or expanding or welcoming in movement. If that feels right, if you feel open for that's slowly coming into stillness, just feeling your body again after this very short intention setting, practise notice how you feel in terms of sensations in your body or emotions that might be presenting it. And then with your three words, with your intentions, writing them down in either your journal or in your workbook that you've printed. There's a space in the workbook to share a little more about your intentions for this course and it can be quite power to reflect on and look back on as well. So I really invite you to write them down in some form. Thank you for doing this practise and connecting with your intentions.

Pleasure essentials

Enlivening Movement

Self intimacy

Pelvic embodiment

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Reclaim your pleasure

With "Reclaim your pleasure", you will release patterns of numbness & disconnection and start living a more connected, resilient, pleasure-fuelled life. Use this powerful holistic method to feel delicious aliveness in your whole body.

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