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Mindful masturbation

Taking control of your own pleasure can be a source of empowerment. Gain mastery over guilt-free personal exploration through elegant video tutorials, engaging practical exercises, and insightful guidance from experts.

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About Mindful masturbation

Exploring how to become the master of your own pleasure can be an empowering and liberating experience. Embark on the journey of shame-free self-exploration, delving into the art of solo pleasure with our tasteful video tutorials, engaging follow-along exercises, and expert advice. We provide a comprehensive immersion into a sensual and mindful voyage of self-discovery, where you can deepen your understanding of your own body and desires while developing essential skills for fulfilling sexual satisfaction. Allow yourself to be guided by our comprehensive resources and seize this unique opportunity to fully embrace your intimacy with confidence and safety.

Mindful masturbation

Mindful masturbation

9 Chapters • 33 Videos • 4 Audios • 5 Lectures


Introduction to self-pleasure journey


Concept of mindful masturbation

Connect with your body

Introduction to connecting with your body

Breath & Sound

Breath meditation



Reflection work

Body Awareness

Introduction to body awareness

Activating the body

Body awareness meditation

Exploring touch & pressure

Reflection work

Genital connection

Introduction to genital connection

Vulva awareness meditation

Penis awareness meditation

Connecting the genitals and heart

Speed of touch

Genital anatomy (explicit)

Introduction to genital anatomy

Genital mapping

Vulva mapping

Penis mapping

Varying positions

Genital massage (explicit)

Introduction to genital massage

Vulva massages I

Penis massages I

Reflection work

Giving and/or receiving (explicit)

Introduction to giving and receiving

Touching or being touch

Activating body for pleasure

Vulva massages II

Penis massages II

Masturbation practices

Introduction to masturbation practices

Introduction to abdominal massage

Abdominal massage practice

Vulva massages III

Penis massages III

Masturbation in front of a mirror

Reflection work

Sensuality and seduction (explicit)

Introduction to sensuality & seduction

Breast massage for all

Mutual masturbation

Libby Sheppard, creator of Mindful masturbation

Meet Libby Sheppard, an Intimacy Coach specializing in the art of sensual touch. With a unique blend of expertise in Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, meditation, and coaching, Libby Sheppard is dedicated to guiding individuals towards heightened sensations, deep relaxation, and a more pleasurable life experience.

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