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Menstrual cycle wellness

An online course to create self-care around the menstrual cycle to ease any physical suffering and cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing in our everyday lives.

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About Menstrual cycle wellness

You may have regular PMS and period pain, or been diagnosed with a condition such as PCOS, endometriosis or PMDD. You may have tried all sorts of options from painkillers, the pill, natural supplements and even read books about hormone health but still feel a bit stuck.

As people with menstrual cycles, it means that our hormones change every day of the cycle impacting us physically, mentally and emotionally. Some days we can feel drained, anxious or in pain, while other days we can feel full of beans and joyful. This can create challenges for us personally, but also in relationships and how we show up at work. It can be difficult to always keep up to speed with the world and we end up pushing through our menstrual cycle, leaving us feeling drained or overwhelmed.

In this course, we will look at the menstrual cycle as a whole, as opposed to just what is happening during menstruation or where the problem area lies. When we look holistically at the cycle and each phase, we can then identify more clearly what to do and where we need support. We can prepare for our needs in advance and then get to know how to best take care of ourselves during each phase of the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle wellness

Menstrual cycle wellness

9 Chapters • 31 Videos • 3 Audios • 6 Lectures




Lens of Awareness

Paving the way for cycle self-care

Getting to know our nervous system


Mapping my profile

Regulating my resources

Charting the menstrual cycle

Health for happy hormones

Science of the menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycle seasons overview





Self-Care Reflection

Diet and movement

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Hormones guide

Let's talk about movement

Movement for daily wellbeing

Movement for PMS & Pain

Self-care implementation

Soothing the nervous system

Womb Meditation

Somatic Tracking for Pain

Self-Care Reflection Sheet

Psychology and the cycle

Psychology around the cycle

Relating & Communicating

Relating & Communicating Worksheet

The inner critic

Introduction to the inner critic

Menstrual cycle: meet the critic

The different faces of the critic

Integrate the critic

The Inner Critic Worksheet

Creative and spiritual self-care

The Creative Cycle

Motivation and Procrastination

Spirituality & the menstrual cycle



Inner Seasons Meditation Exercise

Integration of self-care

Self-Care Integration

Self-Care Integration Reflection

My Final Top Tips!

Lisa de Jong, creator of Menstrual cycle wellness

Coach, therapeutic practitioner and educator based in Dublin, Ireland.

Through new techniques, She will help you move from a place of pain to power with menstrual cycle challenges, chronic pain, trauma and burnout.

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