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Intimate massages techniques

Deepen your connection and pleasure with intimate massage. Learn 80+ touch techniques, essential anatomy, effective communication, and relaxation skills through guided video tutorials.

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About Intimate massages techniques

Enhance your sex life with our intimate, sensual massage course. Discover over 80 touch techniques, essential anatomy, communication, and relaxation skills. Expertly guided video tutorials empower you to explore and pleasure male and female genitals, unlocking deeper satisfaction and confidence. Unleash a new level of connection and pleasure in your sexual experiences.

Intimate massages techniques

Intimate massages techniques

3 Chapters • 14 Videos



Hello & Welcome

Why and how

The basics of good touch

Mindful self-pleasure practice

Vulva massage techniques (explicit)

Foundations of embodied touch

The pelvis

The vulva

The lips

The clitoris

Internal touch

Penis massage techniques (explicit)

The perineum

The pelvis

The shaft

The tip

The balls

Libby Sheppard, creator of Intimate massages techniques

Meet Libby Sheppard, an Intimacy Coach specializing in the art of sensual touch. With a unique blend of expertise in Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, meditation, and coaching, Libby Sheppard is dedicated to guiding individuals towards heightened sensations, deep relaxation, and a more pleasurable life experience.

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