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Genitals Worship

Embark on a transformative journey with 'Genitals Worship.' This online course offers a safe space to honor and connect with your partner's or your own lingam or yoni.

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About Genitals Worship

Introducing "Lingam and Yoni Worship," an immersive online course that invites individuals, irrespective of their gender identity, to embrace a journey of profound sensuality, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. Rooted in ancient traditions and modern wisdom, this course provides a safe and sacred space for participants to honor and cherish their lovers' or their own lingam or yoni. Through teachings on anatomy, communication, boundaries, and agreements, students gain a deeper understanding of these divine aspects and learn how to create consensual and harmonious spaces for exploration. The course features instructional videos on lingam and yoni massage techniques, empowering individuals to awaken and channel their inherent energy for heightened pleasure and healing. Engaging in sacred rituals and lingam worship exercises, participants forge profound connections, deepen intimacy, and embrace their own pleasure in a transformative manner. By immersing themselves in this practice, individuals cultivate a greater appreciation for the divine essence of lingam and yoni while experiencing the healing power and exquisite beauty of erotic connection. Join us in this transformative journey and unlock the potential for profound sensual connection and self-discovery.

Genitals Worship

Genitals Worship

2 Chapters • 10 Videos • 4 Lectures


Yoni Worship


External and Internal Anatomy

The Cervix

Breast Play

Yoni Massage Guide

Genital Reflexology


Fingering 101

Lingam Worship


Erotic Talk

Lingam Massage Guide

Lingam Massage Part 1

Lingam Massage Part 2

Blowjob 101

Kiki Maree, creator of Genitals Worship

Kiki Maree (she/her) is a certified Yoni Massage practitioner and trainer, Sexologist and Sex Coach trainer. Kiki is known for her gentle yet informative and inclusive approach to gender inclusive sex education.

Kiki offers certified trainings, group and 1:1 coaching sessions, online courses, and a fun and educative podcast with Tanishka Tantrika. She has been passionate about womben's wisdom teachings and female sexuality from a very young age. She held yoni viewings with her classmates at 7 years old, and girls circles at 12 years old.

Kiki's main passions are empowering womben in their sexuality through a better understanding of their bodies and the female sexual arousal response.

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