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Epic Lovers

Whether you’ve been with your partner for three months or thirty years… There’s still more to discover. This spicy, sultry and fun, module based program allows you to finally connect to your partner on a deeper level than ever before.



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About Epic Lovers

Whether you’ve been with your partner for three months or thirty years… There’s still more to discover.

Epic Lovers is the key to unlocking depths of sexual experience that have been laying dormant inside you both…

In this course, you and your lover will learn to uncover each other’s deepest sexual desires and pleasure. You’ll learn exactly how to use the most effective techniques to feel closer and more alive with each other, both in and out of the bedroom.

Epic Lovers

Epic Lovers

6 Chapters • 30 Videos


How to be an epic lover


The sexual baseline

The 4 skills for a great lover


Earth (Introduction)

Earth (Breath)

Earth (Embodiment)

Earth (Foreplay)

Earth (Sex)

Earth (Aftercare)


Water (Introduction)

Water (Breath)

Water (Embodiment)

Water (Foreplay)

Water (Sex – Setup and Introduction)

Water (Sex – Vulva Massage)

Water (Sex – Penis Massage)

Water (Aftercare)


Fire (Introduction)

Fire (Breath)

Fire (Embodiment)

Fire (Foreplay)

Fire (Sex)

Fire (Aftercare)


Air (Introduction)

Air (Breath)

Air (Embodiment)

Air (Foreplay)

Air (Sex)

Air (Aftercare)



Caitlin V, creator of Epic Lovers

Caitlin V is a sexologist and researcher who helps people gain confidence and improve sexual performance. For the past decade, Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality, which no doubt had some role in her YouTube channel reaching more than 450,000 subscribers and 65 million views in just 3 years of production.

Caitlin is the creator of the Come When You Want Method for gaining ejaculatory control (without any pills or creams), “Legendary Lover”, a master course in unlocking the female orgasm, and the Female Ejaculation Blueprint.

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