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Endometriosis: a self-care journey

A mini e-course to support you in your journey of self-care and endometriosis. Anyone who has or might have endometriosis knows well how difficult this condition can be. Join us in a journey of support, nourishment, education and empowerment.

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About Endometriosis: a self-care journey

If you have or suspect you could have endometriosis, you are welcome to join us on this course. Endometriosis, with its symptoms, is a debilitating condition that can impact all areas of one's life. Many people struggle for years without much support.

In this short course, I offer you my guidance, wisdom, expertise, and experience to you living a full life with endo.

You deserve to understand endometriosis, to have tools and skills to reduce symptoms, and the courage and wisdom to navigate your own path forward.

This course covers what endo is, how it is treated in the medical world, surgical and medical options, pain management techniques, self-care guidance, and lessons from pain psychology and trauma therapy to support your hormones and nervous system to help you feel good in your body again.

Endometriosis: a self-care journey

Endometriosis: a self-care journey

4 Chapters • 11 Videos




My story

Understanding Self-Care & Endo

5 pillars of self-care

What is endo?

How is it treated medically?

Treatment & selfcare options

Holistic treatment and self-care options

Diet & the endocrine system

Pain & the nervous system

Menstrual cycle tracking

Next steps

Speaking to your employer

Supporting a loved one with endo

Lisa de Jong, creator of Endometriosis: a self-care journey

Coach, therapeutic practitioner and educator based in Dublin, Ireland.

Through new techniques, She will help you move from a place of pain to power with menstrual cycle challenges, chronic pain, trauma and burnout.

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