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Come When You Want

Discover "Come When You Want," an unconventional method to overcome premature ejaculation, granting you effortless control over your orgasm and extending your endurance up to 13 times longer.



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About Come When You Want

Experience the revolutionary approach of "Come When You Want" – an unconventional method designed to eliminate premature ejaculation and grant you full control over your orgasm, allowing you to last 13 times longer without the need for expensive medications, numbing creams, or resorting to negative thoughts just to extend your endurance for a few seconds. Through reprogramming the mind-body connection, I can help you achieve lasting results, making you last 22 times longer in bed.

Unlike temporary fixes such as numbing creams or wipes that leave you feeling insecure, "Come When You Want" offers the ONLY long-term solution to treating premature ejaculation. Say goodbye to insecurities and embrace the freedom to fully enjoy sex at any moment and in any setting – whether it's spontaneous car sex, a movie theatre encounter, or a special date night. The "Come When You Want System" empowers you to savor intimate moments to the fullest without worry or hesitation.

Come When You Want

Come When You Want

7 Chapters • 40 Videos



Who is Caitlin V?

Course set up

How to Take This Course

Module 1: Premature ejaculation 101


Embodiment Belly Breathing

Defining PE

Myths About PE


Module 2: Get Out of Your Mind!


Embodiment Body Scan

Body Basics

Masturbation and PE

Technique: Timing Technique

Technique: Arousal Spectrum


Module 3: Role of the Mind in PE

Embodiment Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Aspects of PE

Technique: Sexual Timeline

Technique: Anxiety Management 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Technique: Letting Go

Technique: Pictures from Childhood


Module 4: Advanced Body Techniques


Embodiment: Pelvic Floor Breathing

Kegel and Reverse Kegel Technique

Technique: Body Position and Location

Technique: Edging


Module 5: Become a Dream Lover

Intro and Advanced Psychological Techniques

Embodiment: Pleasure Practice

Turning Towards Pleasure

Balance and Polarity

Technique: Pleasure in All 5 Senses

Technique: Cold Blast of Water

Technique: Intuition




Embodiment: Gratitude


How to Keep Going

Caitlin V, creator of Come When You Want

Caitlin V is a sexologist and researcher who helps people gain confidence and improve sexual performance. For the past decade, Caitlin has empowered thousands of couples from more than 150 countries with her expert knowledge, scientific approach, and bubbly personality, which no doubt had some role in her YouTube channel reaching more than 450,000 subscribers and 65 million views in just 3 years of production.

Caitlin is the creator of the Come When You Want Method for gaining ejaculatory control (without any pills or creams), “Legendary Lover”, a master course in unlocking the female orgasm, and the Female Ejaculation Blueprint.

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