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8. Crossed legs

Crossed legs, the jeans method... There are different names for this technique which can be practiced everywhere: at home, on the bus, on the subway, at the office... We can't get enough of it!


Many women discover the pleasure of crossed legs completely by chance… More specifically, they may work it out when they have a pressing urge to pee…

Did you know that? An increase in bladder volume squeezes the surrounding organs, including the clitoris and the "G-spot".

You can try this technique while sat down, lying on your back, lying on your belly, or on your side.

Cross your legs just as you do when you're sitting down. Your thighs will naturally come together and put pressure on the vulva. Rub your thighs together, and notice the delicate pressure exerted on your clitoris.

According to the New Hite Report published in 2000, only 3% of women who masturbate use the crossed leg technique. The New Hite Report by Shere Hite, 2000

Some are able to reach orgasm by simply squeezing their thighs and contracting their muscles. The hands play no role at all. Others like to hold a cushion tightly between their thighs to focus the pressure point.

You can also try to alternately contract and relax your leg muscles, concentrating on your inner upper thighs.

Alternatively, you can keep your thighs tight together and move your ...


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