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30. The weather report (in a duo)

The weather report is an exercise to help you consciously communicate with your partner, letting them know what is going on inside your head and heart, both while you're making love and in everyday life.


Welcome to our first session of breathing and mindfulness, designed to be practiced together, as a couple. I am going to guide through three exercises that will allow you to get to know each other and yourselves better. To breathe more easily, and help circulate strong and healthy sexual energy.

The weather report is the first of our breathing and mindfulness exercises designed to be practiced with a partner.

The goal of this exercise is that you find yourselves in a position to share with each other, at any time of the day, how you feel, in both head and heart, what you need, what you would like them to do with you, or what you would like them to do to you. The truth is, that it is not always easy to give yourself up to the other person, to be vulnerable, but that is where I can help. I’m here to guide you, so that the dialogue between you is as natural as possible.

Enjoy the session.


Sit down and face each other at a comfortable distance.

Adjust your body, left to right, back and forth, find the right position.

If you wish, you can keep your eyes closed, but, if you can, try to look your partner in the eye to find that extra ...


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