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29. All about the 'G-spot'

Our anatomy includes another organ, larger and internal: the vagina. This is also said to be an erogenous zone, and two eternal questions come to mind: can one have a purely vaginal orgasm, and does the famous ‘G-Spot’ exist?


According to the latest scientific research, there is no evidence for the G-Spot itself.

In 2017, researchers from Austin Hospital in Australia examined the bodies of 13 women. They found no apparent erectile or "spongy" tissue structures in the anterior vaginal wall, except where the urethra meets the clitoris. This is known as the C-U-V complex: clitoral/urethra/vaginal complex.

It does, therefore, seem that the clitoris itself plays a role in the phenomenon of the legendary G-spot. Let’s remind ourselves that the clitoris is far more extensive than the visible external glans: we now know that this 4.5-inch large organ extends deep into the body via two roots.

Mechanical stimulation of the area around where the G-spot is said to be found, actually stimulates the internal extension of the clitoris – the area around the G-Spot is located between these 2 branches, the back wall of the vagina. All this to say, that in reality, a so-called "vaginal" orgasm would be in fact an internal stimulation of the clitoris.

Research shows that during penetration, the clitoris is stretched and compressed on both sides.

The internal erectile tissue of the clitoris ...


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