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14. In the shower

1 out of 3 people we surveyed enjoy using the showerhead technique. It is a moment of relaxation, a moment to let go, something you can try on your own or with a partner!


In this video, I would like to talk you through the variations of the showerhead technique. You'll be able to try it out in your bathroom, in comfort, alone or with a partner.

1 out of 3 women say they are highly sensitive to the effect of the water jet on their vulva. CLIMAX, study 2019.

The showerhead technique is used by women when they want to lose themselves in the moment of masturbation, it's more erotic than carnal, seeking overall well-being as well as pleasure.

Are you ready?

Start by running hot water over your legs, thighs and belly, releasing all the tensions you've accumulated during the day.

This first phase may seem superfluous but it is actually incredibly important. Whatever the time of day, put aside any hassles that have been troubling you, and let me guide you.

Sit or stand in the shower or bathtub, spread your legs and direct the shower head towards your vulva. Play around with the pressure of the jet, you'll see how many different ways you can feel the caress of the water.

If you want a little more intensity, unscrew the showerhead, spread your labia majora and place the jet of water directly onto the hood of...


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