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Solving premature ejaculation

This course provides the tools you need to resolve Premature Ejaculation on your own.

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About Solving premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation impacts so many men of all ages. If you or your lover ejaculate more quickly than you'd like, this mastercourse is for you. Brought to you by sex therapist, Daniel Lebowitz, co-director of The Intimacy Institute, Daniel walks you through the protocol needed to solve your situation. Daniel has helped hundreds of men solve their ejaculation issue and find a confident and satisfying sex life. Take this course to change your life.

Solving premature ejaculation

Solving premature ejaculation

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Course introduction

The impact of the nervous system

Thinking with the other head

Understanding physiological changes

Breathing exercise

Progressive muscle relaxation exercise

Changing up masturbation

Using guided imagery

How to involve your partner

Direct action statements

Premature ejaculation FAQ

The Intimacy Institute, creator of Solving premature ejaculation

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