Ella Shannon

Relationship & Intimacy

Explore 12 enriching lessons to share with your partner, all within the familiar embrace of your own home. This course is your path to deepening your connection and expressing your love in a way that truly resonates with your partner.

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Ella Shannon


Couples & Intimacy


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About Relationship & Intimacy

Revitalize your relationship with our online sex therapy course. If you're ready to elevate your already good relationship, mend communication issues, or rekindle the passion that may have waned over time, this course is your guide. Whether you're seeking to enhance intimacy, explore Tantra, or address unsatisfactory sexual experiences, these 12 lessons offer a transformative journey to strengthen your connection from the comfort of your home.

Ella Shannon

Ella Shannon, based in Australia, is a highly skilled Relationship Counsellor, Sex Therapist, and EMDR Therapist, dedicated to guiding individuals and couples towards flourishing relationships and rewarding sexual lives. Her approach encompasses fostering resilience and lightness, aiding her clients in navigating life’s complexities with ease. Ella’s expertise and empathetic nature make her a trusted ally in the journey toward emotional well-being and intimate fulfillment.

Key learnings

1. Master conflict resolution for deeper connection

2. Ignite passion and intimacy

3. Enrich sexual experiences through Tantra

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Welcome! Thank you so much for committing to a deepening of your relationship and your connection with each other by signing up for this 12 lesson course. Please watch the short intro video, and then have a chat with your partner about how you will approach this opportunity. A fun way to do this is to have a 'date night' once a week - where you watch the video, then spend some time practicing. I know that even with the best of intentions, life can get crazy - so I've kept the videos to around 15-20minutes each. Watch them then take some time to do the practices. Even with just 20-40minutes a week of commitment, doing these practices will deepen your connection, your intimacy and improve your relating. If you've got extra time, or you're really keen - why not spend 10-15mins every day repeating the exercise or practice of the week? I have provided links to extra articles, books, quizzes and webpages each week so you can explore further some of the relationship and tantra teachers and concepts I mention, but don't feel obliged. Everything you need is right here and I am so excited to share this journey with you. Relationships start with attraction and interest but love is a choice that we make everyday. By being here and committing to this course, you are really choosing love and choosing to have a great relationship. I believe that strong couples with thriving relationships are exactly what the world needs right now.

12 lessons to follow along with your partner

Heart rhythm Entrainment for better connection

Read below, watch the short video & then have fun practicing together! What does it mean to have a really successful relationship? Have you been in the presence of a really powerful couple? Where you feel open and comfortable around them as if the affection, love and appreciation between them is palpable in the room? It's as if when they are together- everyone and everything is somehow going to be okay. This week you'll learn about 'heart rhythm entrainment' and 'resonance'. Fancy words for the flow state between couples like the one I described above. Heart Rhythm Entrainment is when the heart rhythm patterns of two people come into synchronicity. Studies have shown that this sometimes happens naturally when couples are sleeping in the same bed, between people who are closely bonded and between mother and baby. It is possible to practice and learn how to 'attune' to each other in this way at the level of the heart, to create a deeper experience of connection and to enhance the bond between you. This is similar to the Tantric application of 'Resonance'. Resonance is another word for 'synchronised vibrations'. My partner who is a scientist explains it like this "it's where the vibrations of one thing influence the vibrations of another thing that has a similar vibrational frequency." So if you and your partner are "things with similar vibrational frequencies" then you can come into harmony with each other. If you are not currently feeling 'in harmony' then you can do some practices that will help you to find this attunement. You hear it all the time in everyday language- "oh we are just on the same page" or "I really like his vibe" or "We just seem to really GET each other" etc etc. Starting the course with some exercises that will shift you as a couple into a vibrational match, or resonance with each other, creates a strong foundation. When you can soften into each other at the level of the heart- all the little worries of life don't seem so serious anymore. You can also practice the exercises in this video before love making and once you get used to them, can incorporate them during sexual intimacy too.

Choosing to celebrate each other

I really hope you are enjoying this course so far and have been practicing the previous exercise of settling into sync with each other. Today I talk about 'little moments as ritual'. Life is fast. It's great to have goals that you work towards and lots of activities to enjoy. However this rush, rush, rushing can leave us depleted or as John Lennon sang in his song 'Beautiful Boy'- "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." This week I want you to really sink into the little moments - to stay really present to the happenings and the interactions with your partner. Not all the time - but try to carve out some still points in your busy days. Stop to have a cuppa together and use all of your 5 senses to be entirely in the moment. See if you can gather all of your awareness and just be with each other. Taking the discipline to gently guide your awareness out of the mental chatter of the mind, and into what you are seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and doing. There is a Tantric meditation, where you imagine that you are about to die, and that these are your last moments. How deeply would you listen to the sound of your partner's voice? How tenderly would you touch them? How many things would you intensely notice about the moment? Rather than take it for granted as just one of many more. I also encourage you to consider the idea of fully choosing your partner. Right now, and again and again and again. In healthy adult attachment - your primary partner should be the number one priority in your life. This doesn't mean choosing them over doing your work, looking after your kids or spending time alone or with other friends. What it does mean - is that your partner knows, without a doubt - that they are the most important person in the world to you. And you make regular and concerted effort to convince them of this, every day. Before you freak out - this doesn't mean your kids don't come first, if you have them, or that you become co-dependent and tied at the waist. Rather the inter-dependence that I refer to is where the adult-to-adult, deep intimate connection you have with your partner is privileged above all other relationships. This is what Stan Tatkin calls the 'couple bubble'. You are a team against the entire world, and nothing is allowed to burst that bubble. Not in-laws, not sexy acquaintances, not work, nothing. And yes, some people have consensual and fully transparent relationships with more than one intimate partner and in some cases these relationships can be fulfilling and healthy. I would argue that these principles apply just as strongly for non monogamous couples. You really need to convince your partner regularly of how loved and important they are to you, during times that they are alone when you are with another partner for example. Enjoy the practices! Make sure you both have a turn - and practice it as often as you like!

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Relationship & Intimacy

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