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No taboo.


Find out what science and the accounts of thousands of women teach us about female pleasure.


32 episodes

including 17 techniques filmed without any filter so that you can practice them on yourself or your partner as simply as possible.

Our approach is scientific


The vulva and its infinite variations

Can you list all the external and internal parts that make up the female sexual anatomy? This is where we will begin.


On your belly

Many girls discover their very first sensation of sexual pleasure while lying flat on their bellies – we call it "the rubbing technique”.


Straddling 1/2

to practice the so-called 'straddle' technique, all you need is a pillow! This technique involves rubbing yourself against a soft surface. It's simple, effective and and easy place to start!


Straddling 2/2

This variation of the straddle technique involves rubbing your vulva against hard-edged surfaces. It can feel amazing and there are so many options to help you out - use your imagination!


The power of a piece of fabric

Never underestimate the power of a soft piece of fabric layered over the vulva. This is a technique used by more than 20% of women – it comes highly recommended!


The ‘Envelope technique'

We have called this the ‘envelope technique’, because it encloses the vulva using the skin of the labia majora. We love it for its simplicity and softness.


Exploring the clitoral hood

One in two women regularly practice caressing the clitoral hood, because it adapts to all phases of sexual arousal.


Crossed legs

Crossed legs, the "jeans" method... There are many names for this technique which can be practiced everywhere: at home, on the bus, on the subway, at the office... We can't get enough of it!


Delayed gratification and the labia minora

Making yourself yearn for arousal also means that you’ll need to enjoy tormenting yourself a little... But that’s exactly what we what we love about this technique.


Delayed gratification and the clitoris

Making your clitoris yearn to be touched is an art worth mastering. You will learn how to arouse your clitoris without giving in to it. Too often we underestimate the power of anticipation.


Caressing Mons Venus

The Mons Venus is an easily accessible geographic area, although not often frequented by men ... No, it’s not the Alps nor the Pyrenees. Happy adventuring!



Our language of caresses has multiple ways to define circling: oval, round, figures of eight... But the most important thing is to know is where the most sensitive points are, and which of these circling movements to replicate.


Caressing the tip of the clit

The glans clitoris is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and it requires precision, dexterity and certain level of delicacy from anyone venturing to touch it.


In the shower

1 out of 3 women enjoy using the showerhead technique. It is a moment of relaxation, a moment to let go, something you can try on your own or with a partner!


Touch, glide, massage

Applying the right level of pressure can, within a few seconds, transform a simple caress into something far more erotic.


The rhythm of pleasure

You need the right rhythm for the right time. There's a different tempo for every situation.


Edging yourself to orgasm

Holding back, peaking, edging... So many ways to define a must-do of slow sex. And one that will always help us to orgasm. It's one that we never tire of!


Multiple orgasms

One, two, three, four, even five orgasms or more in a row! Yes, it is possible, but it requires practice and technique- luckily for you we have some tried and tested advice!
Two distinct categories emerged from the interviews we conducted.


Tantra and mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is one of the tools we can use from neo-tantra. It allows us to become fully aware of ourselves by focusing on the present moment.



In the Hindu tradition, Prâna is the breath of life. This mindful breathing exercise is best done alone and first thing in the morning, before you start you day.


The body scan

In their daily lives, women carry a lot of tension in their perineum and vagina. This exercise is designed to help you to relax and get a healthy vagina back.



In order to find out what pleases us sexually, and to help develop our self-esteem, we need to dedicate time to exploring our own bodies. That's what this exercise – the ‘self-embrace’ is all about!


8 "common sens" tips

You're a good lover, no doubt about it. But sometimes you need to take a moment to question yourself and listen to feedback from women of all ages and experience – sex can be even better when you don’t take things for granted!


The secrets of stimulating her breasts

Some women can achieve so-called "top orgasm" (?) with the right breast stimulation. So, what if you finally learn to take care of your partner's breasts...


The pleasure of anal caresses

The anus and the area around it have a large number of nerve endings making it highly sensitive and receptive. It's high time to take good care of this misunderstood erogenous zone!


Two other erogenous zones not to be forgotten

500 women were asked to rate , from 1 to 10, the level of arousal that they feel when 41 different areas of the body are stimulated. 41! Let’s learn how to approach these secondary erogenous zones.


Creating sequences

Before reaching climax, women pass through various stages of arousal. We have selected three popular sequences of techniques.


Combinations and positions

A combination of varied pressures applied to different areas of the body can trigger more frequent, intense, and satisfying orgasms for a woman. Here are a few for you to try.


All about the 'G-spot'

The female anatomy includes another organ, larger and internal: the vagina. This is also said to be an erogenous zone, and two eternal questions come to mind: can one have a purely vaginal orgasm, and does the infamous ‘G-Spot’ exist?


Tantra for two: the weather report

The weather report is an exercise to help you consciously communicate with your partner, letting them know what is going on inside your head and heart, both while you're making love and in everyday life.


Circular breathing

Tantric tradition considers every human to have a transmitting pole and a receiving pole. Breathing in a circle will help you to visualize this flow of energy.


The silent request

We are all responsible for our own pleasure. Learn how to express your feelings to your partner. If communicating your sexual desires still feels too difficult, this exercise is designed to help.


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Receive a free episode by email




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