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CLIMAX is the first educational series that will teach you how to receive or give more pleasure in the simplest possible way..

CLIMAX is the result of the collective experience of tens of thousands of women through accounts, studies and the most recent American and French scientific discoveries.

Season 1 has a total of 32 episodes. The first 17 episodes cover the 17 most popular external clitoral stimulation techniques for women. They are 17 explanatory videos filmed for you face-camera so that female pleasure no longer holds any secrets for you! In addition, there are breathing sessions in full consciousness for those who would like to better control their pleasure.

CLIMAX is also for male partners. A special program is dedicated to them: 10 bonus videos will allow them to broaden their knowledge. We cover topics such as the stimulation of the erogenous zones, the most effective sequences of techniques, and advice on how to avoid faux-pas and become better lovers.


We believe that female pleasure is a serious topic deserving a rigorous approach. This is why our approach is fundamentally scientific. CLIMAX training is indeed based on several recent scientific research and studies.

CLIMAX also relies on surveys and many accounts from European women of all ages and sexual orientations. Every woman is different and every voice counts. We realized that the vast majority of women use similar techniques and we have undertaken to describe them to you and to show you them through our training.

CLIMAX wants to be inclusive: women, men, singles, couples wishing to learn more about female pleasure.


The partner commits, within the productions in which the CLIMAX site is promoted, to:

- Not to distribute any content behind the CLIMAX paywall, nor any access code to the site or free trials in addition to the one offered on our site;
- Not to make misleading advertising, positive or negative (CLIMAX is not an instruction manual but rather a guide to exploration. We do not guarantee that the techniques work "every time" and are "universal");
- Do not use the official trademark registered by CLIMAX inside website names or domain names (It is forbidden to create "unofficial" domains posing as the official website);
- Not to make defamatory, offensive, disrespectful of human dignity, racist, homophobic or discriminatory statements based on origin, age, sexual orientation, religious identity and/or disability.

The partner also commits to:

- Not to send emails to recipients who have not consented (Opt In) for its communications;
- Not to send emails in large quantities several times a day.


If you wish to use our trademark or mention CLIMAX in an article or in printed version or promote CLIMAX (social networks, affiliate program...), please download the .png versions of our logo and trademark below. Elements of the CLIMAX brand include the CLIMAX name and badge. Please do not modify the trademark elements (shape, color, orientation...) or use them in any way that could lead to confusion or in any way that could cause CLIMAX to be confused with another trademark. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Receive a free episode by email
Receive a free episode by email




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