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All the techniques + 3 Tantric breathing sessions to practice alone + 3 Tantric breathing sessions to practice as a couple + 7 bonus episodes dedicated to male partners


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All techniques + 3 Tantric breathing sessions for women wishing to (re)discover and control their pleasure


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All the techniques on video for women who are curious or want to learn how to please themselves


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CLIMAX, the first educational series dedicated to women's pleasure, promises us to teach us the most effective masturbation techniques. [...] First impression while discovering the series: CLIMAX is not using metaphorical images or illustrations to speak about the female anatomy but they show us concretely what we need to see. Exit peach emoji and suggested images - same image we have seen over and over again -, it's a vulva filmed in close-up, facing the camera, illustrating the techniques. Raw images but genuinely efficient, guided by a native voice-over explaining almost scientifically the gestures to be reproduced to please yourself. [...] Regarding the techniques, I discovered several unfamiliar methods and now I am more than convinced that CLIMAX can teach a lot to women.

Louise Col

The strength of CLIMAX is its rigor. The website is sober, elegant, well organized, as is the video menu. The content, in the same way, is short and effective: they go right to the point. CLIMAX is so rigorous that its only breach is to display an odd number of episodes. But this odd number also proves that CLIMAX does not produce content to produce content. [...] In short, season 1 of CLIMAX, it's a good job all round. It's refreshing, rhythmic, rigorous and serious. As for season 2, we already know that the founder is working on it. Now that we binge-watchered the first one and learnt a bunch of tricks, we can tell you that we are more than excited to watch the second one!

Caroline Michel

In 2019, talking about sex on the web, and especially on video, is still sadly taboo. This is why it seems necessary to us to talk about CLIMAX, an educational series that takes the gamble of taking feminine sexuality out of the closet, once and for all. [...] Breaking the taboo around the female pleasure, in particular around female masturbation, is, CLIMAX's mainstay. This educational series offers 17 video tutorials to learn how to give and receive more pleasure.

Marion Surateau

For novices, enthusiasts and the curious, let us mention the inauguration, this Thursday, of a French site for female masturbation. CLIMAX consists of seventeen short and very straightforward videos. We learn there, thanks to statistics, comments and close-up, how to give pleasure (and therefore how to give pleasure to another woman). By the way, a few videos are aimed at men wanting to learn more about it (the site is intended for all audiences).

Maïa Mazaurette

For a long time, female orgasm was an unspeakable mystery. [...] How many orgasms will have been lost by such ignorance? Even in the information age, there are still many doubts and fears that do not leave enough room for the discovery of pleasure. CLIMAX was born to change that: to change mentalities, promote healthy masturbation and give women and men quality education on the subject.

Pedro Filipe Pina

No expert is at the head of this website. But the videos were developed from the collective experiences from thousands of women, and from the most recent research about female pleasure. The videos do not pass through four paths to explain. They are clear, precise and serious and also varied. Everyone will find their own pleasure : to give pleasure and to receive it.

Justine Leupe

The sex masterclass you've been dreaming of is online and in French. [...] In the same way as me, a woman, I have more than a vague idea of ​​the various techniques of male masturbation. That is why, I am convinced that a man should know the techniques of the women. First, not to die a fool! But ideally, to be able to apply them during intercourses.

Maïa Mazaurette

CLIMAX, a native educational series that teaches you how to masturbate in 17 different ways. [...] When we know that in France, 26% of girls have never masturbated, it is time to update our knowledge! Thanks to the most recent and serious studies on female pleasure, CLIMAX will shed light on all your questions about pleasure!

Chloé Villemant

The founder of the CLIMAX, an educational series about women pleasure, has just launched a revolution! Indeed, its platform, which offers female masturbation lessons in videos, is entirely dedicated to women's pleasure. [..] Talking about female pleasure on the internet was daring but the result is most promising.


Sex is also a Culture and a lot of people from the culture of sex whoa re doing a lot of things right now. Here are my 3 recommendations. The first one is a site called CLIMAX, it is a French start-up that offers video tutorials to learn how to masturbate women.

Maïa Mazaurette

Climax has won its bet to go cash! [...] The french culture suggests and scratches the surface. So, watching a training about female pleasure that is frank, uninhibited, liberated and explicit, did me a lot of good. [...] Everyone should watch this series!

Lison Délot

No, female orgasm is neither a taboo nor a mystery! It’s a story of exploration and techniques. But as you can't learn from books, the French series CLIMAX offers you an ultra-precise initiation, in 32 episodes and 17 variations. Pleasure guaranteed!


Helping women to (re)discover their sexuality but also to get to know their bodies better [...] With Climax, the first educational series on female pleasure, the clitoris will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Jane Roussel

Female masturbation lessons to learn how to have more pleasure: raw and effective images. [...] The choice of the techniques presented was made academically.

Louise Col

The tutorials are the result of a long research based on the masturbation techniques approved by real women.

Yahoo Style

Thanks to Climax, female pleasure will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Geneviève Andrianaly


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