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Sacred Sex

The course is a mix of theory videos and follow along exercises and rituals. The theory videos are there to orient your mind and shift your inner attitude towards sex. The exercises are practices to learn to circulate sexual energy in your being.

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About Sacred Sex

What does that word evoke in you? Moments of sacredness alpha pharma legit bring us back home into our hearts. They remind us of the background of spirit which is always present. Right here. Right now. Those moments are what deepen our lives. Open our hearts. Expand our consciousness. The Sacred can be experienced anywhere, in any given moment. Yet you know where is the easiest place to access it? During sexual intimacy.

But perhaps you’ve been robbed of experiencing the sacredness of sex. Due to religion or trauma or shame or guilt. It’s no secret that our society has put a negative label on sex. But you know that tingling sensation you feel in between your legs when you feel turned on? That’s the very same energy that birthed stars and galaxies. Sexual energy is potent af & deeply sacred. And it’s lying right here between your legs. Perhaps the most you’ve been able to do with it is have a quick genital sneeze, but what if I told you that learning to harness and move your sexual energy throughout your being can open you up into profound spiritual experiences. Would you wanna experience that too? Well then lover, I have something for you.

Sacred Sex

Sacred Sex

6 Chapters • 27 Videos • 4 Audios


Sacred sex introduction


Sacred Sex 101

What is Sacred Sexuality?

The Benefits of Sacred Sexuality

The Power of Sexual Energy & Orgasm

Sacred Sex Principles

1: Intentionality

2: Presence

3: Full body activation

4: The eyes of the heart

Guided audio practice: Eyes of the heart

5: Surrender

6: Self intimacy

Audio practice: Self intimacy

Breathwork techniques

The power of breathwork

Guided practice: activating masculine sexual energy

Guided practice: activating female sexual energy

Guided practice: expanding breath

Guided practice: Circulating Orbit Breath

Guided practice: Heart, sex energy circuit Breath

The elements of sex








Ritual ingredients

Awakening the senses

Pussy Worship

Cock Worship

Guided self pleasuring ritual (masculine energy)

Guided self pleasuring ritual (feminine energy)


Aida Lucie, creator of Sacred Sex

Helping Men & Women to:

Create the sex life of their dreams.

Awaken their libido & sexual desire.

Become multi-orgasmic & open up to deeper pleasure.

Feel confident and magnetic.

Cultivate passionate & loving relationships.

Experience deep intimacy that goes beyond the physical.

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