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Tantra exercises s3

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Discover tantra to prepare your body for pleasure. Learn how to reconnect and be more in tune with your body. Listen to our 6 audio guides (tantra & meditation, solo & duo) to deepen your sex life.

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Tantra exercises

Indulge in pleasure, alone or in duo, through tantric exercises and meditation.

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External pleasure

The first season dedicated to female pleasure reveals the favorite external stimulation techniques.

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Internal pleasure

The second season dedicated to female pleasure opens up new horizons of internal techniques for maximum pleasure.

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Mindfulness breathing is one of the neo-tantra tools. It consists of becoming aware of your body and yourself, and focusing on the present moment. Learn to slow down, relax and free yourself from daily pressures.


In Tantra, every human being is considered to have a transmitting and a receiving pole. The tantric breathing exercises will help you to visualize this energy flow and (re)create a deeper connection with your partner.

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A wonderful platform to access informative, safe, creative, (NSFW) material on pleasure!!
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It helped me a lot to please my girlfriend.
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I can't wait to explore this series with the woman i'm with... helping her explore the depths of her sexuality and physical pleasure is of paramount importance to me... I just hope she'll be able to suspend her self-conscious nature long enough for us to take this journey together.... a segment for us significant others, on how to help encourage (and put at ease) the women whom we'd love to take this exploratory journey with would be incredibly helpful!!!
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