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Female pleasure pack

External pleasure + Internal pleasure + Tantra exercices

<strong>Female pleasure</strong> pack

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External pleasure

At the beginning of pleasure

<strong>External</strong> pleasure

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10 episodes | 75 min

Learn 22 techniques for achieving external pleasure, filmed with 2 womxn and no filters.


Internal pleasure

Dive into the heart of pleasure

<strong>Internal</strong> pleasure

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11 episodes | 74 min

Learn 47 techniques for achieving internal pleasure, filmed with 5  womxn and no filters, plus 2D animations of what is actually going on inside.

Tantra exercices

Fully indulge in pleasure

<strong>Tantra</strong> exercices

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7 episodes | 34 min

Discover tantra to prepare your body for pleasure. Learn how to reconnect and be more in tune with your body. Listen to our 6 audio guides (tantra & meditation, solo & duo) to deepen your sex life.

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I absolutely love this program - very well presented and loads of very useful information, an excellent production.

It is absolutely sensational. If only every girl and woman has access to learn through the openness of this program. Deep gratitude to the founders of this program.

I had some kind of breakthrough last night [...] It seems your series really did help me, and I’m really proud of myself, and grateful for your series. Thank you.

My lover deserves the best, as do all women. I hope I can carry on my learning on pleasuring as long as possible. Keep up the excellent work!

I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you so much.

I have enjoyed this series! I have especially enjoyed the educational approach. Can't wait to share with my husband.

I love your videos! They have been life changing. Thank you so much for your incredible work! It is just wonderful.

Thanks... well designed programme with many curiosities and suggestions.

Informative, with excellent demonstrations that are straight to the point! Thank you so much!!!

Press reviews


The strength of CLIMAX is its rigor. The website is sober, elegant, well organized, as is the video menu. The content, in the same way, is short and effective: they go right to the point.[...] In short, season 1 of CLIMAX, it's a good job all round. It's refreshing, rhythmic, rigorous and serious. As for season 2, we already know that the founder is working on it. Now that we binge-watched the first one and learnt a bunch of tricks, we can tell you that we are more than excited to watch Season 2!


In 2019, talking about sex on the web, and especially on video, is still sadly taboo. This is why it feels necessary for us to talk about CLIMAX, an educational series that takes the gamble of taking feminine sexuality out of the closet, once and for all. [...] Breaking the taboo around the female pleasure, in particular around female masturbation, is, CLIMAX's mainstay.


The sex masterclass you've been dreaming of is online.[...] Even I - as a woman - know quite a bit about the various techniques a man can employ to masturbate. I am convinced that a man should also know women’s techniques. First, not to die a fool! And ideally, to be able to apply them during sex.


A brilliant approach to education about your body and pleasure. [...] By presenting information from reliable scientific studies and images without any filter, CLIMAX encourages anybody to explore its own body and pleasure. It covers everything from understanding your body alone to communicating your desires to a partner. [...] Sexual intimacy is so much more than a physical act. It’s a way to connect with other people and your body.


While it's very, very gradually changing, female masturbation has historically been considered taboo, with many women well into their adulthood never experiencing an orgasm. CLIMAX aims to change that: a stylish (but graphic) video course will teach how you to climax, every time.


For a long time, the female orgasm was an unspeakable mystery. [...] How many orgasms will have been lost through ignorance? Despite the information era we live in, there are still many doubts and fears that do not leave enough room for the discovery of pleasure. CLIMAX was born to disrupt that, to change mentalities, promote healthy masturbation and give everyone a thorough education on the subject.


Breaking the taboo around female pleasure is the main mission at CLIMAX. This educational series offers 17 techniques exploring female masturbation, filmed without filters, to teach you how to give and receive more pleasure. We tested it and loved it [...] In short, CLIMAX succeeds in resolving the issue of a lack of education about female pleasure. A complete, liberated and necessary series.


CLIMAX, a native educational series that teaches you how to masturbate in 17 different ways. [...] When we know that 26% of girls have never masturbated, it is high time to update our knowledge! Thanks to the most recent and serious studies on female pleasure, CLIMAX will shed light on all your questions about pleasure!


Real talk: only 39% of women regularly orgasm during sex, compared to 91% of men. This new sex-ed series is here to change that. CLIMAX collates research, studies and expert insight from around the world to deliver a sex-ed series that concentrates on female pleasure, with 'techniques and practices proven to work'.

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What does the series actually involve?

CLIMAX offers several series: the first one is devoted to external female pleasure, the second one is devoted to internal female pleasure. CLIMAX tantra offers tantric exercises to be performed alone or with a partner(s). Each series is made up of several short episodes which are around 7 min on average.

Which series should I buy first?

According to The New Hite Report (2000), which is the largest study on female sexuality carried out to date, 98.5% of women who masturbate stimulate their clitoral area. That is why, we have decided to focus in our first season CLIMAX external pleasure on the clitoral area, and then to expend to the anus and vagina in our second season CLIMAX internal pleasure. For an all-round understanding of female pleasure we do recommend purchasing the whole package CLIMAX female pleasure packCLIMAX tantra includes exercises focusing on mindfulness and tantric breathing to maximise pleasure.

Is CLIMAX training for womxn? For men? For couples?

It is for anyone with a vulva who wants to learn new masturbation techniques and how to intensify their orgasm(s). It is also aimed at partners or vulva-lovers who want to learn more about pleasure and how to please their partner(s).

Is it a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?

One-time payment! We have chosen a single payment per series, with an immediate and lifetime access. In addition, all updates are free.

How does the gift voucher work?

From your CLIMAX account, you can generate a gift voucher to give to whoever you want. This gift voucher can only be generated and used once. It will give access to the same content from the account used to generate it.

Can I get a refund?

Buy CLIMAX with peace of mind. You can get a full refund of your purchase within 14 days, if this is your first CLIMAX purchase and if you have not viewed more than 20% of the total content of your series. You can request a refund via our contact page.

Are you experts on this topic?

The founding team are not experts themselves but the supporting research is! There have been several research studies, scientific discoveries, and surveys in the field of female pleasure: All the statistics you will find on CLIMAX come from the most recent and respected international studies. You can read our white paper to know more about our approach and behind the scenes of CLIMAX.

Who are the people in the videos?

The models are volunteers from various places, all driven by the CLIMAX mission. Most do not consider themselves professional experts in sexual wellness, and wish to remain anonymous, and that is precisely why we have chosen to work with them. For some of the more "advanced" techniques such as squirting, we called in a specialist! And for the two-person techniques, we have filmed with a real couple.

Why did you choose a fully shaved vulva?

As the first series is mainly about vulva and glans clitoris we decided to opt for a fully shaved vulva for ease of seeing what is going on! Please note that we do not advocate full hair removal in any circumstances. In the second series, each model has their own preference, some are shaved and some have pubic hair. 

What about trans and non-binary people?

Inclusion is a serious topic here at CLIMAX, and one that we revisit regularly with open conversation and serious consideration. In the "external pleasure" series, we refer to both 'women' and 'female pleasure' as we explore our approach towards masturbation and genitalia. While we have tried to be as neutral as possible in our choice of pronouns and language, we also recognise that there is more work to be done, as we continue to build a movement that encompasses all forms of gender expressions, sexual orientation, lifestyles and expectations.

Why did you choose the name CLIMAX?

Climax is often used when talking about reaching orgasm. 

I have another question

You can contact us via our contact page or at We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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