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9. Delayed gratification and the labia minora

Making yourself yearn for arousal also means that you’ll need to enjoy tormenting yourself a little... But that’s exactly what we love about this technique.


Let's explore the technique of anticipation and the labia minora.

Lie down comfortably and, before you do anything else, start to relax.

Inhale and exhale deeply, chasing away any bad thoughts and stresses that may have accumulated during the day.

Stress significantly limits the secretion of sex hormones. The steroid hormone pregnenolone, instead of converting to sex hormones, will convert to cortisol, the stress hormone.

This means that stress can have a significant impact on your sex life, resulting in decreased libido and difficulty reaching orgasm.

This is why we have created three mindfulness breathing exercises that you can practice at home to help you relax.

Once you are feeling peaceful and fully relaxed, trace your hand down your body towards your vulva. Place the pad of your middle finger at the bottom of the slit between the labia minora and labia majora. Then, slowly, move your finger up along the slit to the hood of your clitoris and over to the other side of your vulva.

Bring your finger back down to the bottom of your labia minora at the entrance to your vagina. You may occasionally tickle the opening lightly, but ...


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