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7. Exploring the clitoral hood

One in two people regularly masturbate by caressing their clitoral hood. This technique adapts to all phases of sexual arousal.


Caressing the clitoral hood is a technique favoured by many women, but it requires masterful precision.

For 70% of the women we questioned, stroking the glans, or tip, of the clitoris through a thin layer of skin or tissue is a sure way to increase their arousal. They also say they like to switch movements between the top and bottom of the hood, where the sensations are more intense. CLIMAX, study 2019.

Every little touch counts because the clitoris has nearly 8000 nerve endings- more than any other part of the human body! It is an unpredictable and excitable ball of nerves, and so it can be a little capricious – making you go right back to square one at the slightest clumsy movement.

But it is really just a question of application and intensity. So let me guide you.

Lie down on your back and relax.

Close your eyes.

Taking your middle finger, which will be weaker than your index finger and therefore softer and more subtle to the touch, hover it above the hood of your clitoris. It feels like a little stem, that you can slide from left to right.

Once you are ready, glide the tip of your finger across the hood in a circular motion...


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