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6. The ‘Envelope Technique'

We have called this the ‘envelope technique’, because it encloses the vulva using the skin of the labia majora. We love it for its simplicity and softness.


I'd like to talk you through one the most common masturbation techniques used by the women we spoke to. It’s a great go-to on those evenings when you feel a little tired and don’t want to bother with specific tools or techniques, but still want to give yourself some tender loving attention.

This is the technique of layering over the labia majora.

Lie on your back, undressed. Stretch out your legs and start to relax. Banish all the negative and stressful thoughts of the day, let your mind wander and think of something pleasant and exciting.

Tip: Erotic thoughts are a central to increasing arousal.

Gently pinch the labia majora between your middle finger and index finger, as if to wrap them together, enveloping the clitoris underneath. The idea is to lightly stimulate the clitoris through the thin envelope of skin.

Gently tighten your two fingers and hold them together.

Once your fingers are in position, gently massage in circular motions. You can increase the pressure on your fingertips and press your clitoris a little harder through the skin. Play with the pressure and the rhythm to find out what works best for you.

When ...


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