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5. The power of layering with fabric

Never underestimate the power of a soft piece of fabric layered over the vulva. This is a technique used by more than 20% of people – it comes highly recommended!


Like all layering techniques, this one is relatively simple to do and forgives any clumsiness. So, if you haven't tried it yet, this could be the most important discovery you'll make all day!

According to our study of 107 European women of all ages, 70% told us that stroking the clitoris through a thin layer of skin or fabric increases their pleasure. CLIMAX, 2019 study.

(Are you ready?)

Take any clean piece of fabric you can find: It could be a sheet, towel, or piece of clothing. If you can, roll it up or make a ball that fits easily between your fingers.

Place the hand holding the cloth at the level of your vulva and press gently against the clitoral hood. Slowly massage the area in small circles, or back and forth with your hand.

After a few minutes, you can increase the pressure by pressing a little harder, and lowering your hand so that you can direct the movements towards the glans clitoris.

Tip: For more pressure, place one hand on top of the other on the pubic area.

You can also try placing one hand on top of the other to add to the pressure. This position could also be a little more comfortable.

And I ...


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