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4. Straddling 2/2

This variation of the straddle technique involves rubbing your vulva against hard-edged surfaces. It can feel amazing and there are so many options to help you out - use your imagination!


Here's a variation of the straddle technique, this time rubbing against hard surfaces, rather than soft. You could practice this technique straddling the edge of a bathtub, the arm of a chair or sofa, or any other object you can think of.

Nearly 20% of women who use a hands-free technique, say they enjoy rubbing against a hard object in this way. CLIMAX, study 2019.

In the interest of hygiene, I do advise you to wear underwear or put down a towel – it’s pretty likely that this technique will help you get wet in no time…

Sit astride the hard object you have chosen. You don't need to squeeze too tight with your thighs. Adjust your body weight so that you have maximum control over the pressure you’re placing on your vulva.

Hint: feel free to increase the pressure on the object to increase the intensity.

Support yourself with your arms and begin to move back and forth. Just as if you were straddling a partner.

The real advantage of this position is that at least one of your hands is always free ... free to caress yourself wherever you like ... your buttocks, breasts, thighs, or the lower belly, where a number of erogenous zones are ...


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