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32. The silent request (in a duo)

We are all responsible for our own pleasure and we must learn how to express our feelings to our partners. If communicating your sexual desires feels too difficult or awkward, then this exercise is designed to help.


Welcome to our third and final mindfulness breathing session, designed to be practiced as a couple.

First of all, congratulate yourselves for taking the time to carry out the first two Tantric breathing exercises. We will now begin our final session, which we have called the silent request.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but we can all be a little shy when it comes to expressing exactly what we want from our partner. We fear causing embarrassment, awkwardness or any kind of discomfort. This can mean that an experience which should feel completely fulfilling, can turn into something unsatisfying.
This exercise is designed to help you express exactly what you want, and what you and your partner would like from each other.

Enjoy the session.


Sit down, crossed legged or in the lotus position, facing each other at a comfortable distance.

Adjust your body, moving from right to left, back and forth, so that you are completely at ease

If you wish, you can keep your eyes closed, but, if you can, try to look your partner in the eye to find that extra level of connection.

Take the time to focus on yourself and breathe. Each...


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