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31. Circular breathing (in a duo)

In the tantric tradition, everyone has a 'transmitting pole' and a 'receiving pole'. The Circular Breathing session will help you to visualize this flow of energy.


Welcome. This is our second breathing and mindfulness session designed for couples.

This circular breathing technique can be practiced by anyone you choose, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a woman and a man.

The best way to practice circular breathing is in the Yab-Yum position. Yab-Yum is where one of the pair sits down cross-legged and their partner sits in their lap, facing them, with their legs wrapped around their body. With a man and a woman, the man would usually be sitting underneath with the woman on his lap.

Feel free to sit down on cushions, or place something soft under your knees so that you are as comfortable as possible. This exercise can be practiced fully dressed, or naked, with or without penetration.

Enjoy the session.


Once you are both comfortably seated in the Yab-Yum position, pay attention to your breathing and gradually try to relax your muscles.

You can look into each others’ eyes, or you can rest your foreheads together with your eyes closed.

Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat this three times.

30 sec



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