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3. Straddling 1/2

To practice the so-called 'straddle' technique, all you need is a pillow! This technique involves rubbing your vulva against a soft surface. It's simple, effective and an easy place to start!


This first straddle technique involves rubbing your vulva against a soft surface. You can use a variety of objects to help you practice - a cushion, pillow, a duvet, even the armrest of sofa or a rolled-up towel.

The New Hite Report, published in 2000, is the largest study on female sexuality to date. 5.5% of the respondents declared that they stroke their clitoris manually lying on their stomachs. The New Hite Report by Shere Hite, 2000

We're going to try out this technique using a pillow.

Naked or in your underwear, fold the pillow in half. Sit astride it, supporting yourself with your arms. Clench the pillow with your thighs, placing your hands in front of you, either side of the pillow.

Once you’re settled, arch your back so that your clitoris is in contact with the fabric. Using circular movements or by moving your pelvis back and forth, "rub" your pubic bone against the surface of the pillow.

If you have seen "Black Swan", you’ll probably remember the famous scene where Natalie Portman's character masturbates using her duvet.

What so many women love about this technique is that it leaves their body freedom to move, allowing you to ...


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