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27. Building sequences

Before reaching climax, people pass through various stages of arousal. We have selected three popular sequences of techniques that you can learn to build on.


60% of the women we surveyed like to link several techniques together. CLIMAX, 2019

There are, of course, an infinite number of possible combinations and sequences, but here are 3 examples of the most popular.

Sequence 1: mons Venus + delayed gratification + caressing the hood

Start by caressing the Mons Venus, circling around the area where the pubic hair grows. Massage with circular movements around twenty times – the regularity and repetition of the movements will help increase her desire.

Gradually move closer to the most sensitive point by caressing all around the clitoris without touching it. Stay here for several minutes. Take your time and see how your partner reacts. Keep an open line of communication between you both.

Slowly, begin to caress the hood of her clitoris with the pad of your middle finger or, if you are feeling a little more daring, try with your tongue. If you choose to use your tongue, don’t make the mistake of limited your toolkit to the tip of your tongue, alternate between the tip and the whole surface, allowing you to diffuse more pressure across the glans and all around this most tender point.

As you stroke ...


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