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26. Other fun zones

500 women were asked to rate from 1 to 10, the level of arousal that they feel when 41 different areas of the body are stimulated. 41! Let’s learn how to approach these secondary erogenous zones.


According to a survey of over 1000 women, nearly 40% of women under 30 said they "don't know their erogenous zones well", and only 20% of women of all ages said that they know them well... This means that for 80% of women, their erogenous zones are still a relatively vague matter.

Let's keep in mind that while stimulation of the primary erogenous zones, the clitoris and vagina in women and the penis and testicles in men, can alone lead to orgasm, the secondary erogenous zones do not tend to lead directly to orgasm. However, correct attention can increase desire and pleasure immeasurably.

Scientific data on this subject is rare, but a comprehensive study conducted in 2013 has caught our attention.

In 2013, neuropsychologist Professor Oliver Turnbull and his colleagues at Bangor University in the United Kingdom asked 800 volunteers to anonymously complete an online questionnaire. Volunteers rated out of 10 the intensity of sexual arousal from 41 areas of their bodies.

The results showed that the classification of erogenous zones of men and women differ a little (aside from the more obvious anatomical differences of course)! It also showed that the erogenous zones of women ...


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