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25. The pleasure of anal caresses

The anus and the area immediately around it has a large number of nerve endings, making it highly sensitive and receptive. It's high time to take good care of this misunderstood erogenous zone!


There are millions of nerve endings on the buttocks and most women love to be touched here. There is a particularly sensitive area at the bottom of the buttocks and more specifically between the upper thigh and the lower buttocks. Don’t hesitate to stroke her here.

The anus itself, and the area around it also have a huge number of nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch.

In our interviews, 40% of the women say they enjoy stimulation of the outer part of their anus. CLIMAX study, 2019

Gentle, well-placed caresses provide a lot of pleasure and are the great way to discover gentle anal intercourse.

Here are 4 examples of ways that you can experiment with this area, and don’t forget the golden rule – make sure you are well lubricated when you try these out:

1. Slide your fingers around the anus

Slide your fingers around your partner's anus while avoiding the entrance. The idea is to caress all around the anus in order to awaken this erogenous zone. It is similar to the anticipation and delayed gratification techniques in Part 1!

2. Stimulate the entrance of the anus

Place the tip of your ...


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