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23. 8 "common sense" tips (for partners)

You're a great lover, no doubt about it. But sometimes you need to take a moment to question yourself and listen to feedback from people with vulvas of all ages and experience – sex can be even better when you don’t take things for granted!


Tip # 1 - Make her comfortable

Try not to use phrases like “Are you going to come soon?”, “Are you there yet?”. You have to keep in mind that having an orgasm is not the goal! And the more you want it, the harder it is to get hold of... Your goal as a partner is not to make her reach an orgasm but to give her maximum pleasure.

Tip # 2 - Compliment her

Some women may have a few complexes that could stop them from letting it go: the size of their breasts, the colour or shape of their labia, etc... This is where you can help, a well directed compliment can put your partner more at ease, allowing them to relax and enjoy it 100%.

Tip # 3 - Learn her body language

Listen to her movements, to the reaction of her body. You will notice that the more she gets excited, the more the erectile tissue of her breasts and her vulva grow, swelling due to the influx of blood. They may also change colour. So keep your eyes open, and be attentive to her slightest movement.

Tip # 4 - Use all your assets

Use all your assets. In episodes 11 to 13, we explain how to stroke with the fingertips but obviously you can caress her with ...


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