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20. Prâna

In the Hindu tradition, Prâna is the breath of life. This mindful breathing exercise is best done alone and first thing in the morning, before you start your day.


Welcome to our first mindfulness breathing practice. I will guide you through three exercises that will help you learn to better manage your breath, giving you more control over your sensations and pleasure.

Allow yourself these few minutes of breathing and holding space. Recognise that this is a precious gift you are giving yourself. There are many scientific studies have proven the positive effect that a regular practice of deep and conscious breathing has on our mind and body.

Prâna is our first mindfulness breathing exercise. If you are new to the practice, then treat this first exercise as a session of discovery.

The subsequent exercises will allow you to broaden what you learn during this initial session.

If you already have experience practicing tantric exercises then use this session as a chance to rediscover the main principles. The exercises that follow all begin from here

Enjoy the session.


Find the most comfortable position for your body. Feel free to move around a little, from left to right, back and forth, so you can find your equilibrium.

If you wish you can close your eyes or you can leave them open ...


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