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2. On your belly

Many of us discover their very first sensation of sexual pleasure while lying flat on our bellies – we call it 'the rubbing technique'.


Welcome to the first video in the series. Let’s start slow.

I would like to teach you how to caress yourself while lying flat on your belly and without using your hands. This is not the easiest technique to make yourself orgasm, but it is relatively simple to start out with. Experimenting with the soft and pleasant sensations that are a great warm-up for what follows.

Your mattress is probably the best place to test it out, but any flat surface will do the trick.

According to the CLIMAX study conducted in 2019 among 107 European women of all ages, 13% of them use this technique.

Undressed or in your underwear, lie down on your belly.

Either spread your legs apart or keep them closed, it's up to you.

With your pelvis pushed down against the mattress, start to move back and forth, contracting your buttocks as you go.

Remember to keep your pubis firmly forward, and in contact with the mattress.

Pubis: the bone in the front and upper part of the pelvis.

To help you with the movement, feel free to hold on to edge of the bed for support.

There’s a reason that 13% of women love to use...


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