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19. Tantra and mindfulness

Mindful breathing is one of the tools we can use from neo-tantra to help achieve the most fulfilling sexual sensations. It allows us to become fully aware of ourselves by focusing on the present moment.


Physically, an orgasm is a series of rhythmic muscular contractions.

For this to happen, the muscles must be sufficiently oxygenated. However, it’s common for women to block their breath as they become roused, cutting off any opportunity to climb high enough to reach orgasm.

In 2018, a study of 452 women was conducted in the United States. It found that the top two factors preventing women from reaching orgasm were stress and anxiety. Women's Attributions Regarding Why They Have Difficulty Reaching Orgasm from Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 2018 by Robert Taylor Segraves.

We also know that practicing breathing exercises can significantly reduce stress – preparing both the body and mind for pleasure.

This is why CLIMAX has created 6 mindful breathing exercises for you to follow at home. They are based on the approach of Diana Richardson: one of the most experienced teachers in the world of tantra.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy that dates back more than 3000 years and presents multiple practices and ways of living. It is about seeing the sacred in everything and being aware of the constitute parts of every being.

Today we will be ...


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