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18. Multiple orgasms

One, two, three, four, even five orgasms or more (!) in a row. Yes, it is possible, but it requires practice and technique - luckily for you we have some tried and tested advice. Two distinct categories emerged from the interviews we conducted.


A study published in 1991 in the "Archives of Sexual Behavior" magazine revealed that about 26% of women had several orgasms in a row through self-stimulation and 25% through penetrative sex. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1991

After reaching a first orgasm, some women are easily able to have a second or third, without any need for recuperation between them.

We have found that, when it comes to multiple orgasms, women fall into two main categories.

Category 1

The first category, which includes the majority of women, are those who need to change techniques between each orgasm. That is to say, that after each orgasm they may need to start with a technique that doesn’t directly touch the clitoris. For example, the layering techniques that we saw in earlier episodes.

Category 2

There are fewer women in the second category. Those who like to repeat the same technique again and again until they reach the next orgasm.

We found that only 1 in 7 women are able to quickly reach the next orgasm by keeping the same position and reproducing exactly the same movements as before. CLIMAX study, 2019

Often these ...


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