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17. Edging yourself to orgasm

Holding back, peaking, edging... So many ways to define a must-do of slow sex. Mastering this technique will help with more regular and fulfilling orgasms. Therefore it's one that we'll never tire of!


Holding back is one of the mantras of slow sex. It requires us to intentionally slow down and delay orgasm in order to radically enhance the pleasure once it’s reached.

70% of the women we spoke to claim that this technique gives them longer and more intense orgasms. CLIMAX, study 2019.

Instead of being restricted to the genital area, this kind of orgasm can flood the entire body. The other great benefit is that it gives you greater control over the moment that you reach orgasm, multiplying your chances of having a simultaneous orgasm with your partner.

The challenge posed by this technique is repeating the “holding back” stage as many times as possible without losing your momentum and arousal. Here we will discuss 3 methods that emerged during our research and interviews.

Touch your vulva in the way you are used to. Pay attention to the way that the erectile tissues of your clitoris and labia minora expand and swell with the excitement.

‘Holding back’ comes into play when you reach the so-called “plateau” - when you can feel that the orgasm is imminent. There are 3 Holding back methods. Choose the one that suits you best and have fun ...


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