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16. The rhythm of pleasure

We need to choose the right rhythm for the right time. There's a different tempo for every situation.


Rhythm is the second essential variable to keep in mind when practicing masturbation techniques. It may sound overly simple, or even blatantly obvious, but in reality it is quite subtle and we don't always give it the consideration it deserves. During our research, the vast majority of women stressed the importance of rhythm when reaching orgasm.

Irregular rhythm

If you're become bored of a rhythm where every touch is the same, and you want to surprise yourself or your partner, then change the tempo to something more irregular. The principle here is that intervals between movements are always inconsistent!

83% of women choose to play with these irregular intervals at the beginning of masturbating. CLIMAX 2019 Study

Do you keep in mind, however, that sensitivity can change from one day to the next and according to your level of arousal.

Regular rhythm

A regular rhythm means keeping the time intervals steady - which isn't big news. But wait...

You can choose to make the breaks between each caress, longer or shorter. The women we spoke to generally take a break for a second or two between each interval. Keep in mind that ...


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