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10. Delayed gratification and the clitoris

Making your clitoris yearn to be touched is an art worth mastering. You will learn how to arouse your clitoris without giving in to it. Too often we underestimate the power of anticipation.


This episode is all about exploring the technique of anticipation, and the clitoris.

Lie down comfortably. I'd suggest that you turn on the "Do not disturb" option on your phone so that no one can interrupt.

Tip: Apply a water-based glycerin lubricant on your vulva.

If you find that you are not yet naturally lubricated, which, by the way, would be perfectly normal, don't hesitate to pour a little water-based lubricant on your finger or vulva.

When you're ready, place the tip of your middle finger or index finger at the far end of your labia minora, near your perineum.

The perineal area is located between the vulva and the anus, and provides essential muscular support for the internal genitalia.

Run your finger up the labia majora towards your clitoris, but don't touch it! You must avoid it at the last moment. Then, slide your finger back down along the opposite side.

Every fourth time you come close to it, allow yourself to touch the clitoris, steadily raising your level of anticipation.

Repeat this same circular motion several times. From time to time you may brush your clitoris with your ...


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