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We answer all your questions

+What does the training actually involve?
+Why only talk about external masturbation?
+Is CLIMAX training for womxn? For men? For couples?
+What about trans and non-binary people?
+Who is the CLIMAX education package for?
+Who is the CLIMAX classic package for?
+Who is the CLIMAX premium package for?
+Can I upgrade from one package to another?
+Who is the person in the videos?
+Is there a lot of content?
+Why did you choose the name CLIMAX?
+Are you experts on this topic?
+Is this really the very first research on this subject?
+Isn't every people different?
+Why did you choose a fully shaved vulva?
+Why did you only show one vulva?
+Is it a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?
+I am a fan of your project and I would like to help you on the rest of the adventure!
+I have another question


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